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In order for ElderTreks to operate escorted group travel in Iran, we are required that each itinerary is pre-approved in advance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. As part of the approval, our local tour leader is required to take responsibility and be accountable for your well being and safety from your first point of entry until your departure. With respect to this process, nationalities who do not presently have an embassy in Iran (Canadian, American and UK citizens) must adhere to the confirmed itinerary and remain with our tour leader at all times throughout the duration of our tour. For this reason, we suggest you plan to arrive on the start day and leave on the end day of the adventure.

For other nationalities who do have an embassy in Iran, should you wish to arrive prior to the start date of our tour, or depart a few days after our tour ends, you must advise ElderTreks of this at the time of booking as a different visa approval process is required.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you understand the above travel restrictions and will comply with the requirements of participation on this tour.

Thank you for submitting your Iran waiver form.   You will receive your booking package shortly.


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Please Note:

ElderTreks will not be printing a 2023/2024 catalogue. We will only have an online version.

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